Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Death of Adam

The new 88 Keys album is something I haven't been able to stop listening to. I just got it yesterday but I worked to it, slept to it and now I'm working to it again. This album is great because it brings back the elements of a good album, it has a narrative. There is a story that you follow all the way through the whole album keeping you engaged and as a Minneapolis Emcee once mentioned that is key to an album. He broke it down to me saying that he creates a formula when writing an album. What's the equation going to be? Well, with the 88 Keys it appears to be about relationships.

The song that I like the most at this moment in time would have to be "Durty Peaches" that features J*Davey. Look out for other guest apperances by Phonte, Kayne West, Redman, Kid Cudi and Shitake Monkey.

Don't sleep on the album here's a link for a 'preview' please make sure you go out and buy this. Support Music!

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