Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kissey Asplund

Whoa! The people over at Wuzz Magazine turned me onto Kissey Asplund out of Sweden. Check out this lovely lady!

Photo: Jesper Berg

Shaq Dissin' Kobe

Damn, sounds like Shaq has been workin' on his flow, good looking to Blueprint for this one. "Kobe-how my ass taste?!?!"

Friday, June 20, 2008

Girl Talk

Following the same path as artists such as Saul Williams, NIN, and Radiohead Girl Talk put his album out on the net for you to 'name your price.' I'm currently downloading this as I type so I can't offer my full opinion on this album yet. Go ahead you know you want to download it...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who's Got the Sickest Playlist? You?

Check it out, the people at Scion are having a contest to see who can make the best playlist. Impress the Scion Radio 17 DJs with your skills and if they pick your play list as the winner, you'll get a party hosted in your honor in your hometown!

When you enter your playlist and it asks, how did you hear about this, please scroll to promoter and enter 007.

Holler and good luck to all of you!

Vote For Sarah White!

You'll need to register but that's cool because you see, you get to vote on all kinds of music. Let your ears and fingers do the work and let the music industry know what you want to hear!



That's right, Rza's new joint Digi Snacks has leaked, check it...

Edit: New Links...



Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm currently working on a project for my class, we're making catalogs out of ten items. I'm calling the catalog FLOSSAHOLICS and the first issue features 10 Essentials for Women. One of my essentials was lip gloss and I made gif of the three images that are being printed right now as I type this.

I'm also planning on posting up each spread that I made with the photo and words that some very lovely ladies contributed to my piece. Some people were a lil late on their words so they missed the press but I'm still going to show ya what they wrote.

With that said enjoy this gif of my model for the first issue Samahra Daly of Black Blondie.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Threadless Tees!

Jake from Threadless.com talks about the life and times of the classic t-shirt and the designers who have elevated it to an art form on Etsy.com. He picks his favorite designs from the Etsy marketplace, where indie artists sell their items directly to shoppers.

Click HERE for the interview.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Challenge of the Week Goes To....(drum roll please)

This weeks challenge goes out to the person who made this statement over at the Post Secret blog. My challenge to you is a duo in the darkroom, you call yourself a professional photographer but don't know the basics. Just because you have a fancy digital camera with 10 mega pixels doesn't make you a pro yo.


Can I get some back-up from fellow photographers?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Get Your Lips Wet!

BLACK BLONDIE's latest track is here for you to taste and get you nice and wet for their full-length album which should be out sometime this Fall.

For The Taste - Black Blondie

Monday, June 9, 2008

NAS & DJ Green Lantern

The two teamed up to put out a mixtape for the highly controversial album "Nigger" that NAS is working on.

Ex-Boyfriend Jewlery

My friend Black Daniels sent me a link for this website called Ex-Boyfriend Jewlery. It's an interesting site and the best thing is, you get a little bit of a background on the break up. Check it out!

Project Art 2

PLS Magazine + Good for Party + Hennessy Presents: Project Art Live Art, Djs & Dance

You are invited to the 2nd installment of Project Art, an event that will create an environment where everybody can feel welcome to just BE, while enjoying energetic DJ sets, an open gallery of art & live performance artworks.

Project Art will be the gathering hub for artists, cultural enthusiasts, and music lovers of all backgrounds to unify and interact with one anothe. Join us as we celebrate the launch of PLS's "Art & Photo" issue while shining a spotlight on a new generation of young emerging visual artists.

Friday, June 13th, 2008 9PM-2AM @ Victor Hotel 311 N.Sangamon Chicago , IL

RSVP for FREE B4 10:00 discounted after

Night Powered by: Hennessy & Mark Nicholas ClothingLive Paintings by: Peabe, Revise CMW, Blutt, Joey Potts Soundtrack Provided By: DJ Spre & Rahaan

To RSVP Contact Helen AT mailto:info@plsmag.com

Weezie's Meatloaf Thursdays

One of my highlights from this crazy weekend has to be from Sunday brunch. My home girl, I've Seen You On The Bus Before, and I went to the Cedar Inn to try out their breakfast and their Mimosas. While sitting outside waiting for our food we admired the signs they had up.

Apperently Lil Wayne kicks it in the kitchen over there on Thursday and the meat loaf he makes is to die for. While getting an ear full about how good it was I was also told that I need to get their earrrrrly if I want some.

"What Time?" I asked.

"About 2 o'clock." The bar back responded.

"2?! I have to work until 4:30 will there still be some left?"

"Well, you can call a head and we can wrap some up in saran(s/p) wrap and you can pick it up." He told me.

HOT DAYMN! This meatloaf must be off the chain if it goes that fast. Personally, I've never tried meatloaf that I can remember. I was just disgusted at the process of making it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

N.E.R.D. "Seeing Sounds" Leak

01. Time For Some Action

02. Everyone Nose

03. Windows

04. Anti Matter

05. Spaz

06. Yeah You

07. Sooner Or Later

08. Happy

09. Kill Joy

10. Love Bomb

11. You Know What

12. Laugh About It

Pork n' Beans

Weezer's latest song and music video is AMAZINGLY funny. I love the parody's of various YouTube clips is hillarious. Check it out.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Progressive Life and Style Magazine

Progressive Life and Style Magazine is a virtural magazine that covers some of the freshest things in the Midwest and beyond. Started by Jen Boyles in 2007 this magazine is only available online. By the looks of it, this was a smart move...who was it that said Print is Dead? Check out the latest issue of PLS Mag it's The Art & Photo Issue and yours truly has some photos in it.

Get Crushed

Digital Crush Photography is having an Art Opening at Soundbar this coming Friday June 6, 2008. Come down and see if you're one of the people they printed a photo of and if they did, buy it! There will also be an open bar, now that's a good incentive to get you down there. Also make sure you dress to the 9s because Soundbar has a dress code (no white sneakers people).

414 3rd Avenue N

Warehouse District

8pm / 21+ / Free until 10pm - $8 after