Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Matt and Kim Daylight Free Download

Green Label Sound today announced the release of the new single Daylight from Brooklyn-based dance punk pair Matt and Kim. The single is now available as a free download exclusively at greenlabelsound.com. This is the second release by the “singles only” music label to support emerging artists from a diverse array of genres. Previously released by Green Label Sound was Delivery Man by Chicago rap duo The Cool Kids.

Supported by Mountain Dew, Green Label Sound is a new music program designed to showcase and support exciting, relevant, and unique independent artists via a wider exposure platform. In addition to 360-degree support of each release, a Green Label Sound tour will offer participating musicians the chance to introduce their live show to new fans across the country. They are D.I.Y. artists who have elevated themselves while maintaining a strong loyalty to their underground roots. Green Label Sound aims to offer these artists the added access and resources necessary to break through to that next level of cultural significance.

"Who doesn't love free stuff?! Free quality shows? Free quality music? We love for our band to be able to do these things for people. GLS is making it possible, and at a much larger level then we've been able to do before," said Matt of Matt and Kim.

“Green Label Sound is fortunate to have an exclusive single from Matt and Kim. They have remained true to themselves as artists, defy simple categorization and represent the DIY ethic that Green Label Sound seeks to champion,” says Frank Cooper, VP Portfolio Brands, Pepsi-Cola North America.

The GreenLabelSound.com site offers more on the Green Label Sound artists and it will present the full tour details shortly

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