Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jonah Samson

Photographer Jonah Samson leaves little to the imagination with his latest work Pleasantville. With his dark sense of humor Samson explores American cultures fascination with sex and violence as entertainment using a diorama style set-up to create scenes that are fairly realistic. Hand crafting each of the models used Samson works in a very 'old school' way. Everything is hand-painted, assembled, shot on film and printed in the traditional analog way. There are NEVER any digital manipulations done to the work the only manipulation is that from the construction process using lighting and depth of field. Pleasantville is currently on display at the G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle until the end of July. If you can't make the show check out Jonah Samson's website where you can contact him directly to purchase the softbound, full-colour 8"x10" 36 page book.

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