Thursday, June 25, 2009

Content Under Pressure

Every third Thursday Big Quarters and The Fifth Element host a producer showcase showdown called Last of the Record Buyers. Hosted by Brandon Allday and resident DJ Nikoless, this Hip-Hop Community night in the Twin Cities focuses on production craft allowing anyone to come down and play their beats and receive feedback from fellow producers and the "SPECIAL GUEST" producer. This month they've teamed up with Red Bull Music Academy with an extra special session, Content Under Pressure. This exclusive event will be challenging key artists making moves in the Indie Market and Twin Cities to make music with an unfamiliar collaborator in a limited amount of time. Producers and MCs will be paired at random and given three hours to create a track that will later be performed. Check out who’s involved:



2)X:144 (Orlando, FL)


4)Medium Zach (of Big Quarters)



7)Big Cats!



2)Abstract Rude


4)New MC

5)St Paul Slim

6)Felipe Cuauhtli (Los Na)



312 Washington Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55401

-6 PM Until 9 PM (artists in the studio and viewable on live webstream)

-8 PM until 11 PM (Open to Public: artists perform the songs at the IPR "Green Room")

Look out for Part 2 of the event taking place July 9, 2009.

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