Friday, April 24, 2009

Redesign of Emil Ruder's "Typographie"

In the middle of March my typography class had an awesome project assigned to it a collaboration project. When it was first assigned the class (four of us) were super excited about redesigning the classic typography book, “Typographie” by Emil Ruder. The weeks went by and some of us felt less and less motivated by the project and it turned almost into a chore. Well last night we busted out the final piece!

As a group we collectively decided to take the book and make it into a box that would be able to travel to different libraries to be used as an education tool on typography. A lot of love, sweat and tears, YES TEARS, went into this project. The box sits 12”x12”x3” with an amazing pattern made by Mz. Molly Hein based off the cover of Ruder’s book. Inside the contents are:

-A bellyband that wraps around the box. Designed by Catherine Grothe. (I don’t have any pictures of this oops :( )

-A motion graphics piece, which has been formatted to a DVD and stuck to the lid of the box. Designed by Catherine Grothe & Matt Van Ekeren.

-24”x24” With quotes from the intro of the book in regards to the practice of typography according to Emil Ruder and on the other side a duo-toned image of Emil Ruder. Designed by Christina "C-Rocka" Rimstad.

-Three Pamphlets about the history and development of typography over the years. They are also in a square format (I don’t know the dimensions off the top of my head) and are in an accordion fold. Designed by Mz. Molly Hein and Matt Van Ekeren.

-Sheets of paper to use to make a message with the stamps in the box. Designed by Catherine Grothe.

-A set of stamps along with some symbols of the UNIVERS 65 Bold typeface. Designed by Christina "C-Rocka" Rimstad.

Check out some more images of the process on my Flickr page here.


eyeone | sh said...

tall order, but y'alls pulled it off nicely! rock on!

C-Rocka said...

Thanks :)

I re-did the box so that looks a lot different. By accident I grabbed a brown book cover thinking it was black, WRONG! (I'm pointing my finger at the sun). I went back and grabbed a BLACK book cloth that really sets that orange and white off. I also revisited the orginal design of the box and added dividers for the stamps. I'll have to post up some more photos later.