Friday, April 17, 2009

Dutty Geisha

(Awesome Packaging)

(The ring and necklace I grabbed)

My girls over at Wrong Lips did a lil write up about SAKIR aka Dutty Geisha on their blog last month. When I read the post I was immediately drawn to her crafty, sophisticated, funky jewelry that I just had to get me some! Unfortunately the link on Wrong Lips wasn't working but SAKIR saw my comment and hit me up. I'm so happy she did I grabbed a couple of pieces from her and they arrived last night. SAKIR took the time to package the pieces in these individual beautiful envelopes and also included two samples of her oils, which are delicious! Please support this Brooklyn artist and get yourself some one of a kind jewelry. She's having a sale all through April on her Etsy site check it out. Peace & Love to SAKIR!

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