Friday, March 6, 2009

Quannum x Reebox

This is a new millennium; a new year and it is even more important that we as consumers express our concerns towards ‘green’ manufacturing. I amongst others am a huge sneaker head so we MUST hold sneaker makers, ESPECIALLY artists that have their logos, labels and or name on a sneaker ACCOUNTABLE!

With that said I would like to bring up the Quannum x Reebox Sneaker Collection. The Quannum x Reebox collection are limited edition sneakers brought to you by Shoe Biz SF, Quannum, Reebox and The series of shoes include Quannaum x Reebox, DJ Shadow x Reebox, Blackalicious x Reebox and Latryx x Reebox sneakers. Although these shoes are dope my girl Annette Musick did a little research to find out if they were in fact ‘green.’

Annette contacted inquiring what kind of materials the shoes were made out of because it would affect her purchase of these shoes. Monica from customer services replied,

“Unfortunately we did not have anything to do with the actual manufacturing of the sneakers, so I’m not sure how they were made. Please contact Reebok, as their company should have more information on the labor conditions and materials used to make the shoes.”

So where do we draw the line or better yet where does an artist draw the line when putting their name on branding? Yes, it would be dope to have your own shoe but do you as an artist support a ‘green’ lifestyle? If so then wouldn’t putting your name on something that isn’t made in a ‘green’ factory out of ‘green’ materials something maybe they should be conscious about? Unfortunately the people at Quannum haven’t taken that step and don’t feel they need to.

Here's the shoes...However, you need to be the judge on wheather or not you purchase them.

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The Pressure™ said...

I'm not sure what to think of these. I know I wouldn't rock 'em. However, the idea of a record label merchandising through a shoe company has always been interesting. And the cross-promotional capabilities among collectors, designers and the music fans is a no-brainer. I'm interested to see what kind of new collaborations happen in the near future.

annette said...

I will be sure to update Christina of my findings. And it wasn't that I thought the shoes were dope, it was the principle.