Monday, March 2, 2009

I Want My $25 Back Estelle!!


I was so stoked about last Friday's show at First Ave, Estelle. I've been lovin' this girl for a hot min, I even brought my FADER down for her to sign. Well, it turns out Estelle may be too good for people that support her ass. Her attitude was sour and I wasn't extremly impressed with her show either. I'll give it up to her band and singers they were all on point. Estelle, if you ever come across this blog I would appreciate the refund for my ticket of your show in Minneapolis on Feb 27th, 2009 at First Ave.


The Pressure™ said...

What happened?

C-Rocka said...

She just started going off on the crowd saying, "fuck you..." "Fuck this..." etc just this long rant filled with fuck yous. Horrible! Look if you were in a bad mood don't show it on the stage!

JessiJames said...

Wow! I'm surprised. Thats not like her at all. I've been to a few of her shows and she has always been fantastic. I wonder why she was mad?

C-Rocka said...

Who knows but I've had other people hit me up sayin' her tude has been not the greatest at the shows they've seen either.

Peep what happened in KC,