Monday, May 11, 2009

Start Your Monday Right...

The homie Señor Kaos out of ATL is steady grinding and getting the word out that ATL isn't filled with a bunch of cookie cutter hip-hop artist that make bullshit ass music. That's right, there is a crew of underground cats that never make the airwaves because they don't "Pay to Play!" Kaos hit me with a fresh remix of the song "Foolish" feat.Ozy Reigns, Mojo Swagger and Señor Kaos and I'm not going to lie I've had it on repeat since he hit me with the joint.

In the words of Kaos, "It's gonna make you go in the office and slap your boss, that's if you have a boss. If you're a boss, then it's gonna make you slap yourself!!"

"Foolish" feat. Ozy Reigns, Mojo Swagger and Señor Kaos. Download here.

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