Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bedroom Heat

My home girl who's out in Bed Stuy has been amazing me with her hustle. It's almost as if she has kicked it in on grind 24/7, that's right even when she sleep she dreamin' of another idea. Now that I've worked us to the bedroom here's one of the many things Sarah White does, DJing and one sexy mix. This mix is for the lovers, now go get your groove on! Download here.

Track list...

Crown Royal - Jill Scott
Her Holy Water- Imani Uzuri
Brooklyn Mood- Jneiro Jarel
Sheila Proper - Pursuit Groove Remix
You know what (demo)- Res
How you gonna feel-Skymark feat Steve Spacek
Five Alarm- Deckstream
P.R.I.Tt.Y Boy- Heavy
I wanna be with you- Arch_typ feat Sarah White
Light of day- Dhundee feat Michele Amador
Guilt Junkie- Ge-ology
Take my time- 4Hero feat Jack Davey
Only and Always- Muhsinah
Tea Leaf Dancers-Flying Lotus feat Dreya
Canela- Dj Don Cuco

PS-there is only a limited amount of downloads so get yours fast or be bored in the bedroom.

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jon jon said...

Bedroom Heat...indeed!