Monday, June 9, 2008

Weezie's Meatloaf Thursdays

One of my highlights from this crazy weekend has to be from Sunday brunch. My home girl, I've Seen You On The Bus Before, and I went to the Cedar Inn to try out their breakfast and their Mimosas. While sitting outside waiting for our food we admired the signs they had up.

Apperently Lil Wayne kicks it in the kitchen over there on Thursday and the meat loaf he makes is to die for. While getting an ear full about how good it was I was also told that I need to get their earrrrrly if I want some.

"What Time?" I asked.

"About 2 o'clock." The bar back responded.

"2?! I have to work until 4:30 will there still be some left?"

"Well, you can call a head and we can wrap some up in saran(s/p) wrap and you can pick it up." He told me.

HOT DAYMN! This meatloaf must be off the chain if it goes that fast. Personally, I've never tried meatloaf that I can remember. I was just disgusted at the process of making it.

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Reetsyburger said...

The only meatload I've ever eaten was made by my mom. I was a kid, and I loaded it with ketchup.